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KINGDOM Season 3 is out!

So there I was, waiting for Blackadder II, when...


KINGDOM SEASON 3 STARTS FRIDAY, 10th April at 22.00.

I heard this strange, familiar voice in the kitchen, and tripped over my dog in my hurry to get to the telly in the livingroom. I was just in time to catch a sobbing Peter. It was a composition of clips through season 3 AND GOOD LORD I CANNOT DESCRIBE HOW AWESOME IT LOOKED.

Anyway. Went to the site, and  they had a short trailer for the first episode of season 3, and how cruel would I be if I didn't give the link?

 This way, Kingdomers, for the trailer!


Fic: Why Lyle wears a waistcoat

Title: Why Lyle wears a waistcoat
Author: lady529
Pairings: None that I'm aware of.
Warnings: Again, none that I'm aware of.
Word count: 2306
Summary: The reason Lyle Anderson wears a waistcoat. And in a way, three rather important days he happened to be wearing one. Yes.

Well, in case there was a letter to come, he'd better be ready.Collapse )

The Lady 529

I bring icons

Was told I should post them here (by mxdp, so blame her if you don't like), so here goes:

My first ever Kingdom iconage!

Credits are mandatory, textless does not equal base, and I love comments.

The Lady 529

Hear us roar!

Now, let's be honest people. We, Kingdomers, are the best. That is, we could be, if we were more active. :D
So here is my little contribution.

SPOILER AND ART (or something like it) BEHIND THE CUT!


In a grandiloquent surge of horror I realised that eons ago I agreed to write a prompt for a challenge, no, actually I wrongfully usurped a prompt that held so many possibilities. I failed to write it, seeing as the story would take place in Peter´s childhood and I have no idea about his family tree.
Maybe I was merely inattentive or I have forgotten the details but I can´t seem to make logical connections between the three childrens. I could guess or make up the connections but why would I abandon the information if it was given? Furthermore, I have still not been able to lay my hands on the second season.
Maybe someone could shed light onto the family ties of the three siblings and their parents? What do we learn about where they grew up? When did the parents separate? And where does Peter´s aunt come into all this?

I would be eternally grateful for any comments on this.

People, look what I've found!

Ok, maybe (possibly, surely) you've all known it for ages, but I didn't so for the hopeless cases like me, I'll pass on my small discovery.

I found a huuuge stock of Kingdom screencaps (season 1, season 2 + Behind the scenes) at fryphile 's page. All credit goes to him.

 All I can say is: use this gift well. *hint, hint, nudge, nudge*

I had actually started to make my own low-quality captions, but GOD IT'S BORING. I got as far as this:




{001-009 x Kingdom}
{010-027 x QI (Alan, Stephen)}
{#028 Kingdom banner}

None of the textures/brushes used are mine, they go to their rightful owners.
Enjoy, credit and comment please~
No hotlinking please~


Peter comes to Belgium! WellLLL...almost.

Good news, no terrific, brilliant news for all those who live in Belgium or close whereabouts.

KINGDOM (season 2) will appear on your screens pretty damn soon.
Finally, someone has knocked some sense into those Tv-Guys-Who-Control-Tv-Programs. Yay!

Eén 21.45 (Friday 3th October)

How do they manage to make it look so DULL?Collapse )


Also, may I note that V for Vendetta comes on VT4 tomorrow? Just a reminder, that's all!



The woe of not having Series 2 on DVD (UK)


I finally fell by the wayside and bid a rather silly price on Ebay  for the Telegraph set of Series 2 Kingdom. I never did have any patience. Celia Imrie rocks my world. What a fine figure of a woman she is. No wonder Snell is entranced. When Beatrice gets her all dolled up I think she looks fabulous!